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Educational apps helping young kids learn

16 Jul

If you want your kids studying or learning to do chores without being asked, you might think twice before telling them to put the games down.


Learn Counting & Probability Videos

9 Jul

Chapter 1: Counting is Arithmetic
Chapter 2: Basic Counting Techniques
Chapter 3: Correcting for Overcounting
Chapter 4: Committees and Combinations
Chapter 5: More with Combinations
Chapter 6: Some Harder Counting Problems
Chapter 7: Introduction to Probability
Chapter 8: Basic Probability Techniques
Chapter 9: Think About It!
Chapter 10: Geometric Probability
Chapter 11: Expected Value
Chapter 12: Pascal’s Triangle
Chapter 13: The Hockey Stick Identity
Chapter 14: The Binomial Theorem

Prealgebra Math Videos!

8 Jul

These videos to Prealgebra

Chapter 1: Properties of Arithmetic
Chapter 2: Exponents
Chapter 3: Number Theory
Chapter 4: Fractions
Chapter 5: Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 6: Decimals
Chapter 7: Ratios, Conversions, and Rates
Chapter 8: Percents
Chapter 9: Square Roots
Chapter 10: Angles
Chapter 11: Perimeter and Area
Chapter 12: Right Triangles and Quadrilaterals
Chapter 13: Data and Statistics
Chapter 14: Counting
Chapter 15: Problem-Solving Strategies

Introduction to Algebra Videos – Learn Algebra

7 Jul

Chapter 1: Follow the Rules
Chapter 2: x Marks the Spot
Chapter 3: One-Variable Linear Equations
Chapter 4: More Variables
Chapter 5: Multi-Variable Linear Equations
Chapter 6: Ratios and Percents
Chapter 7: Proportion
Chapter 8: Graphing Lines
Chapter 9: Introduction to Inequalities
Chapter 10: Quadratic Equations – Part 1
Chapter 11: Special Factorizations
Chapter 12: Complex Numbers
Chapter 13: Quadratic Equations – Part 2

Summer fun – How to teach your child to hoop

4 Jul

Summer camping – emergency kit for kids

3 Jul

How to brush and floss your preschooler’s teeth

3 Jul

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