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Planning for college – here are some tips

13 May

How to get into Harvard or any college?

In general every colleges want interested and motivated students

1, Inculcate Good Study Habits
2, Conduct Your Own Research and work with your educational consultant
3, Discuss with Your Teachers
4, Conduct a SWOT Analysis
5, Take up Extra Courses
6, Learn a Foreign Language
7, Take Part in Extracurricular Activities

Point to consider: 20140508_182821

• Decide on college according to your interest. Is that college worth? Choose college that delivers high value for the dollars spent.
• A, Who’s teaching? – taught by professors or teaching assistants.
• B, Who’s rating and what they are rating? Are they rating for social life or the education they get. Check
• C, Who’s staying in? the number of students who remain enrolled at college from freshman to sophomore year is key.
• In most case, No Financial aid is provided, if parent’s salary is above $150000.
• Try to get into IVY league. (The Ivy League is a collegiate athletic conference comprising sports teams from eight private institutions of higher education in the Northeastern United States. The conference name is also commonly used to refer to those eight schools as a group. The eight institutions are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. )
• When you enter middle school, start preparing for college. Make Harvard as your goal – aim for best then you will land in your dream college.
• To get into college your need
1. Academic,
2. Talent & activities,
3. Personal essay and
4. Letter of support

Academics requirement in years:
Harvard VS UW
English : 4 /4
Math : 4/3
Science :4/3
Social studies 3/2
Foreign language 4/2

You can enter into Harvard or any other university even before you finish high school.

Harvard need 4.0GPA
Learn more about college admission test at

ACT super score :

Practice SAT multiple time. They need your best score.

Some university accept ACT score, but not Harvard.

There is something called SAT2

Act test score: 33 -34 is best then they can’t reject your application
SAT :750 or more then they can’t reject your application.

Talents and activities: (extracurricular activities)

• Colleges are interested in learning about any activities that help develop a student’s talents, interests, and strengths.
• Colleges want to know how students spend their time outside of school and often work is part of it.
• While there is no required amount of community service for college admission, students should list any outside service they have completed.
• While many of these activities are generally recognized, students should take time to explain their participation. Do not assume colleges will be familiar with every group or organization.
• Like Sports, Business, Music, debate team, community service and math and technology team.
Extracurricular Activities College consider:
1, School Clubs and Sports – National Honor Society, soccer, debate, newspaper, French club, math team, baseball, cheerleading, theater, spirit club, and other school-based organizations.
2, Non-School Based Groups – Boy and Girl Scouts, club sports teams, and religious youth groups.
3, Community Service
4, Employment – occasional babysitting, summer employment, or even unpaid internships.
5, other activities: during high school participate in various Contest, summer programs.

Contest examples:
Math Olympiads – starts elementary level
Math counts
AMC – American mathematics competition
High school Math meets
*** There are no Calculus in above math contests.

Capital science and engineering fair
Science Olympiad
Intel science talent search
First Robotics competition
Science competition

Some local university (like University of Wisconsin) will allow students to participate in lab, other science class.

Join summer programs during high school. ** try to get the free summer programs.
SRIP (summer research Internship program) – to join reach school teacher.
RSI (Research science institute) – very tough to get in. Take place in MIT.
SSP (Summer science program)– paid
TASP (Telluride Association Summer Program) summer program for Junior
BEZOS (Bezos Scholars Program) leadership program

Personal essay:
1. Just write about yourself. The best admissions essays are the ones in which students are able to reveal something personal about themselves and how it has affected their learning.
2. Don’t over sell yourself, DON’T List your accomplishments
3. Don’t try to impress them with length
4. Pick an experience that relates to the department you want to attend
5. Write about why u choose “Harvard”
6. Start drafting essay when you enter high school.
Check more details at

Letter of support:
1. get 1-4 letters from known teacher
2. Select teacher from high school, select from your summer program or from extra class who can give you unique letter.
Check more at

***** consider applying early ?? About 450 colleges offer early admission plans. Under these plans, students can apply to colleges early — well before the usual deadline — and get a decision early. check more details at

Additional websites for reference:


Free High school curriculum – Website list

14 Jan

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14 Jan

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26 Oct

Source :

Types of science for children learning

3 Oct

eyePhysics: the study of matter, energy, space and time.
Botany: the study of plants.
Chemistry: the study of reactions, creations, and binding of matter.
Mineralogy: The study of minerals such as their identification, and properties.
Biology: the study of living things.
Astronomy: the study of space.
Geology: the study of Earth and its components, e.g. soils, rocks, etc.
Microbiology: the study of microorganisms, e.g. bacteria and their effects on other living organisms.
Palaeontology: the study of prehistoric life through evidence provided by fossils.
Medicine: Diagnosis and treatment of disease and damage to the body.
Pathology: the study of diseases and their causes, processes, development, and consequences.
Linguistics: The study of language, its structure and phonetics.
Entomology: the study of insects.
Seismology: the study of earthquakes, their causes and measurement.
Forestry: The science of cultivating, maintaining, and developing forests.
Ichthyology: The study of fish.

My next post will give more details and free learning links for science.

How to improve writing?

5 Sep

Writing is an effective way to communicate and express your thoughts, feelings and opinions to others. Writing can be both fun and entertaining and there are a variety of ways to use writing in your everyday life. Even if you are not the world’s greatest writer, you can practice to become a better writer over time.

• Don’t be afraid to write. Don’t worry about mistakes. Just write.
• Practice daily.
• List your favorite topic which makes you happy and entertain.
• Write about your favorite topics.
• Read daily, mostly about your favorite topics.
• Keep personal journal, write about your feelings and expressions.
• Proofread your writings. Read again. Correct, rewrite.
• Update your grammar knowledge.
• Update your vocabulary daily.

Below link help you to understand writing better.

Have fun writing!

Animal list, pictures, facts and activities for children

26 Aug

IMG_4339Have you heard of a game ‘Name,Place,Animal,Thing’? Well, it’s a game played in groups or can be played by just 2. Each player will have a paper drawn with four columns with the title Name|Place|Animal|Thing. Imagine it’s a game for 2. Write all alphabets in chits/small piece of paper and fold it, so that it can’t be seen. 1st round, 1st player would pick a chit and let say he picked letter B. Both the players should write a Name starts with letter B, likewise for Place, Animal and Thing. (Example: Barney | Berlin | Bear | Bat) Both the player should not have same details. Points are scored for each. Likewise, 2nd round the other person picks a sheet and write the name, place, animal and thing with that picked letter.

My 5 year old daughter and I was playing this game and while playing we both were struggling to write an animal starting with letters Q,X,Y,Z. It ring my mind that I should also teach my daughter to know the animal names as well. Then I found an amazing website which contains the animal pictures and its facts. It’s a useful website and it’s free. I printed out the copies and my daughter is knowing the different animals in the world and its facts.

You could also play this game and use this website to teach your little ones to know about the animals in the world. Happy Learning!