Animal list, pictures, facts and activities for children

26 Aug

IMG_4339Have you heard of a game ‘Name,Place,Animal,Thing’? Well, it’s a game played in groups or can be played by just 2. Each player will have a paper drawn with four columns with the title Name|Place|Animal|Thing. Imagine it’s a game for 2. Write all alphabets in chits/small piece of paper and fold it, so that it can’t be seen. 1st round, 1st player would pick a chit and let say he picked letter B. Both the players should write a Name starts with letter B, likewise for Place, Animal and Thing. (Example: Barney | Berlin | Bear | Bat) Both the player should not have same details. Points are scored for each. Likewise, 2nd round the other person picks a sheet and write the name, place, animal and thing with that picked letter.

My 5 year old daughter and I was playing this game and while playing we both were struggling to write an animal starting with letters Q,X,Y,Z. It ring my mind that I should also teach my daughter to know the animal names as well. Then I found an amazing website which contains the animal pictures and its facts. It’s a useful website and it’s free. I printed out the copies and my daughter is knowing the different animals in the world and its facts.

You could also play this game and use this website to teach your little ones to know about the animals in the world. Happy Learning!


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